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Big C hosted Sapa Salmon Week to bring local specialties to consumers

From 25 April to 03 May 2020, the Sapa Salmon Week was organized throughout 17 GO! / Big C Supermarkets in the North for the first time. The event aimed to introduce and promote local specialties of Sapa to consumers in Hanoi and northern provinces with attractive discounts of up to 22%.

Representative of Central Retail in Vietnam said: “We understand the heavy impact of Covid-19 pandemic to the sales of Sapa salmon, which is usually consumed by visitors. Realizing our Vision of “contributing to Vietnam’s prosperity and enhancing the quality of life of the people”, Central Retail in Vietnam stands beside the locals to help boost the domestic consumption. We believe that consumers will have the chance to get their hands on high quality specialties with the best price during Sapa Salmon Week.”

Mr. Tran Chung Hung, representative from Sapa’s Association of Cold Water Fish (Salmons & Sturgeons) said: “From the 200 harvested tons of Sapa salmon this year, we still have 50-60 tons left unconsumed. Through the Sapa Salmon Week, we look forward to the partnership with Big C Supermarket to bring these high quality specialties to consumers across the country.”