Management Team

Management Team

Jariya Chirathivat
Legal Representative
Olivier Langlet
Group CEO, Central Retail
in Vietnam
Christian Olofsson
President, Property
Laurent Piazza
President, Food - Hypermarket
Stephane Pariente
President, Food - Supermarket
Leu Hong Duong
President, Nguyen Kim
Andrew Fairall
President, Sports
Lacia Sherlock
Head of Home & Entertainment
Thierry Canivet
Chief Commercial Officer
Mike Reid
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Ton Chirathivat
President of The 1 Project
in Vietnam
Stephane Masse
Chief Information Officer
Antonio de Sousa
Chief Financial Officer,
Central Retail in Vietnam
Kanyarat Krisnathevin (Fai)
Chief Financial Officer,
Property & Expansion
Nguyen Quoc Huy (Stanley)
Country Head of
Land Acquisition & Expansion
Kwok Yee Ying (Beatrice)
Chief People Officer