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The Week of Dong Thap’s Pangasius and Specialties at Big C Thang Long, Hanoi

From 09 – 11 October 2020, Central Retail in Vietnam in collaboration with Dong Thap Department of Industry and Trade, Dong Thap Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre organized “The Week of Dong Thap’s pangasius and specialties” for the first time ever at Big C Thang Long, Hanoi. At the event, more than 300 high-quality and certified products from 50 enterprises, co-operatives, production and business establishments are introduced to distributors & consumers in Hanoi. GO!/Big C had also signed the Memorandum of Understanding with some cooperatives and food producers in Dong Thap, enabling opportunities for local businesses to penetrate into the modern trade store chain.

A representative of Dong Thap’s People’s Committee emphasized: “We hope that the event will help businesses in the province learn about the taste of consumers in the capital city in order to produce and process products suitable to regional culinary culture, thus adapting the producing & processing methods accordingly. We look forward to further cooperation opportunities between local businesses, cooperatives, manufacturers and GO! / Big C supermarkets as well as the distributors in Hanoi.”

A representative of Central Retail in Vietnam said: “With the Vision of “contributing to Vietnam’s prosperity and enhancing the quality of life of the people,” Central Retail in Vietnam looks forward to partnering with authorities to organize events that support local businesses, cooperatives, households against Covid-19. We are pleased to have the chance to accompany Dong Thap province in organizing the Week of Dong Thap’s pangasius and specialties at Big C Thang Long. We hope to have new suppliers joining in to accommodate the consumers’ needs.”