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Central Retail in Vietnam attends a conference dedicated to connect products from Bac Lieu province with other provinces and cities in 2023

On October 17, delegates from Central Retail in Vietnam participated in a conference that fostered connections between the supply and demand of OCOP (One Commune, One Product) items, linking Bac Lieu province with other provinces and cities in 2023.

The event was hosted by Bac Lieu province with the attendance of Leaders from the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, and People’s Committee of Bac Lieu, along with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and representatives from various departments and branches of Southern provinces and cities.

During the conference, Central Retail representatives had the opportunity to meet and explore potential partnerships with OCOP businesses located in Bac Lieu province. These businesses offer a diverse range of products, including the famous salt, fried shrimp, fish sauce, dried goby fish, ST25 rice, shrimp floss, dried shrimp, etc.

The Central Retail representative, during the speech, acknowledged that the showcased products from the province possessed unique and distinct regional characteristics. However, it is noted that certain limitations in terms of packaging and product presentation need to be paid attention to when it comes to entering modern retail channels.

“We believe that that Bac Lieu province’s OCOP products will see improvements and enhancements in the near future, not only serving local demand but also expanding distribution to national scale and paving it ways for export.”

On this occasion, Central Retail representative signed a collaborative Memorandum of with Bac Lieu Salt Joint Stock Company and explored potential partnerships with other participating businesses.

Prior to this, Central Retail has actively engaged in numerous conferences aimed at bridging supply and demand, with the objective of sourcing domestic products and locally crafted goods. Additionally, the company has successfully organized six Vietnamese Weeks in Thailand, introducing high-quality regional products and specialties to consumers in Thailand.