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GO!/Big C to apply discount to nearly 1,000 products on the occasion of Tet Holiday

(Ho Chi Minh City, 17 February 2021), Celebrating the 2021 Tet Holiday, GO! / Big C Hypermarket implemented many attractive sales promotion programs that ran until 24 February 2021. The discount of up to 49% was applied for nearly 1,000 products across categories such as fresh foods, processed foods, dairy products, beverages, spices, sauces; cosmetics; household appliances; fashion; as well as hundreds of essential consumer products.

This was the first big promotion of 2021 implemented by GO!/Big C Hypermarket to ensure the convenient shopping experience with the best prices. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, GO!/Big C Hypermarket continues to implement safe and convenient sales promotion programs. Consumers can order either via hotline 1900 1880 with free delivery policy or through Zalo with free delivery policy within 10km.