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Central Retail Vietnam launches “Farm to Fork” project to promote agricultural development and support farmers in overcoming challenges

As a prominent retail presence with food stores spanning three regions of the nation, Central Retail in Vietnam is dedicated to collectively facilitating the distribution and consumption of locally sourced agricultural products, thereby enhancing the quality of life for farmers. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality, safe, fresh, and sustainably produced goods at competitive prices.

One exemplary project embodying this commitment is the initiative called “Farm to Fork,” launched by Central Retail Vietnam since the beginning of 2023. By October of this year, the project had been implemented in Lam Dong, Dong Thap, and Ben Tre.

The first project launched under this program is the “IEM GOH Organic Vegetable Cooperative Group,” comprising of 11 members (households). All members are Churu ethnic women residing in Tu Tra Commune, Lam Dong province. Initiated in February, the project has already yielded positive outcomes.

Through participation in community support training programs organized by the Central Retail Vietnam Commercial team, the products of the community members have met three criteria: Food Safety, Quality Compliance, and Freshness; Traceability and Sustainable overProduction Capability; and Environmental Protection.

Currently, the Tu Tra community can expand its scale to deliver products to Central Retail’s warehouse, introduce new packaging, develop new products, and distribute their products not only at GO! Da Lat but also at 4 GO! Hypermarket and Tops markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

Similarly, projects in Dong Thap and Ben Tre, undertaken by Central Retail, aim to address the market for products at reasonable prices, catering to the diverse consumption needs of customers and simultaneously improving the lives of dozens of farming households. This success serves as a driving force for Central Retail to expand further “Farm to Fork” projects to various provinces across the country. Through these initiatives, Central Retail actively contributes to promoting agricultural development and supporting farmers in overcoming challenges in both production and distribution.